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Ashley Graham’s Latest Lingerie Collection Is Her Most Personal to Date

Ashley Graham’s Latest Lingerie Collection Is Her Most Personal to Date

Ashley Graham’s Latest Lingerie Collection Is Her Most Personal to Date.- Rights: VOGUE

If you’ve got an underwear question, Ashley Graham probably has an answer. Her two decades as a model, spokesperson, and personality have allowed her to explore all aspects of the industry. “First and foremost, figure out what bra size you are,” Graham shared on set at Pier 59 studios. “It’s an absolute gamechanger.” When she wasn’t posing in gorgeous underwear, Graham designed it or joined with brands to create capsule drops with an eye for detail. In a category where the smallest changes to strap lengths, fabric texture, and color graduation can make all the difference, Graham’s expertise comes in handy, and she poured all of it into her latest project, a newly launched collaboration with underwear brand Knix.

Micro Modal Essential Boxer Brief – Knix
Casual, everyday undies made from lightweight and naturally breathable micro modal fabric.

Graham’s lineup of bras, bodysuits, and panties takes Knix in a new direction. Primarily known for its leak-proof period underwear, the brand has earned praise for the way its products perform. While the new line doesn’t sacrifice any functionality, Graham wanted to ensure the designs were fashion-forward and benefited from her years of expertise. “I’d designed capsules before, and I have had such a history with lingerie throughout my 20-year career,” she says. “Because of those experiences, I wasn’t necessarily focused on the number of bras vs. bodysuits. What I got nitpicky about were the colors and the silhouettes. I wanted this to be universal, for all the pieces to be beautiful so that no one minds if their strap shows. We started by putting together a gorgeous inspiration board, and the team at Knix just nailed it.”

Ashley Graham’s Latest Lingerie Collection Is Her Most Personal to Date

The pictures on her mood board—Christy Turlington beaming in an ‘I love hot moms’ T-shirt, Paloma Elsesser posing in a bra top and leather jacket, scenes from Graham’s 2014 Vogue shoot by Cass Bird—reflect the effortless look Graham was going for. Though the pieces within the collection are sexy, they’re also streamlined. There are no bulky underwires or frilly lace details within the lineup. Instead, it’s filled with soft-tone pastel bras and sleek bodysuits in a luxe micro modal fabric. “People want to invest in something that makes them feel good when they wear it,” says Graham. “After the last few years where we’ve all spent so much time lounging, we’ve gotten used to comfort, but now that we’re heading back out and reentering the world, it isn’t the sole concern.”

Once the look of the pieces was finalized, their ease of wear was paramount. “I’m all about function; how does the piece look under my clothes? What is my mood once I put it on? These were things that we took into account,” she says. “Personally, I’m always showing off my lingerie, so whether it’s a white button-down and you’ve got something peeking out in the front, or you’re wearing the bodysuit with jeans, this collection can adapt to suit the wearer’s needs.”

Mesh Deep-V Bra – Knix Canada
Enjoy extra coverage. Wave goodbye to side boob and overspill. Get the lowcut look you want. You will feel comfortable and confident wearing this plunge bra.

The capsule—and Graham’s role as brand ambassador—grew out of conversations Graham had with Knix founder Joanna Griffiths online. “It all started on Instagram,” explains Graham. “I love when that happens. The best thing about social media is that you can connect with people, and Joanna was in my DMs. We started just chit-chatting, and she would send me bras and different underwear, and they just became my favorites. Gradually it turned into ‘ok, I’m the global brand ambassador,’ and I said, ‘we should do a capsule.’’’

No collection is complete without corresponding imagery, and Graham's collection has an inclusive campaign featuring women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Chosen from online submissions, the women represent a cross-section of Knix’s clientele. For many, it was their first time in front of the camera. The serene vibe of the images speaks to how easy the collection is to wear. “We did an open call on social media and asked everyone to submit a video, so I handpicked the girls myself,” says Graham. “[On set] The music was pumping, so we had on Cardi B., Drake, and Rihanna, and were just dancing. It was wonderful doing the group shots because you have five women who have different stories, come from all walks of life, and are rocking the pieces. I could see they felt confident.”

Mesh Deep-V Bodysuit – Knix
A stunningly sheer bodysuit with a built-in wireless bra, for a smooth, supported look under clothing.

Graham knows precisely what she’s looking for when she's choosing lingerie for herself. Currently raising three boys under the age of three—twins Malachi and Roman, who she and her husband Justin Ervin welcomed in February, and their older brother Isaac—Graham has no patience for finicky underwear. “The twins are about to be four months, and we’re in organized chaos,” she says. “It’s been diapers, pumping, trying to set a schedule, and then having a toddler on top of that is a lot, but I’m feeling really good about my family. Right now, what I love is anything easy and comfortable, no fuss.” She approaches the latest phase of her career similarly. “What’s been great about this period is that I’ve been able to work on my mental health like never before and dive into my career to see where I want to take it,” says Graham. “I get to ask myself, ‘what does me time look like,’ what do I want to create?’”

Though she’s eager to see the audience reaction to her new collaboration with Knix, Graham hints that her newly launched collection is only the beginning. “Ultimately, the goal is to provide women with something that makes them feel like their best selves, allows them to feel inspired,” she says. “It’s been wonderful seeing women wear this collection; that’s the best part. Just seeing them rocking it and being confident in their skin.”